Top Hunnert

Or is it "hundred?"  Yeah, that one.

I stumbled across this site in the course of my daily rummaging:  Top 100 Fantasy Books.

Kinda interesting, though I think my list would be vastly different.  For one, Elric and Redwall are way too low on this list and Mistborn isn't on there at all.  On the other hand, Eragon and Twilight are both WAY too high  Being in top 1000 is too high.  Being published is too high.  (Muse: Settle down, sailor.)  Of course, this is a popularity contest, as it is voted on by the readers.  So I guess "Top" is subjective … just like when Mrs. Axe says, "It depends."  (That can lead to some lovin' or being brained with a rolling pin, and everything in between.)

Anyway, it's kinda interesting.  I recognized all but two books on the list and I either read or partially read over half (61 by my very quick count).  I have to see if I want to wade through the nomination list to see if I want to vote – to see if I can pick the ten "best."  I haven't read 'em all, so it's not really a scientific poll.

Maybe I will put up my own list of top 10 and see if folks want to take punches at it.


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