I have no words

I read a couple of blogs, on different subjects.  One of the contributors to one of those blogs often receives offers for reviewer copies, since he has reviewed a few books here and there.  Today, apparently he received this:

Hi [blogger]

From legendary street lit author K’wan, comes the next installment in
his #1 Essence bestselling Hood Rat saga, EVICITION NOTICE (Griffin;
October 2011; paperback; $14.99; ISBN 0-312-53698-4).

Porsha, Boots, and Frankie live in one apartment and are into all
kinds of trouble while having fun. Until one day they find an eviction
notice taped to their door. Now they have seventy-two hours to find out
how to come up with all the money they owe in months of back rent.

Meanwhile, Don B. is still up to his old tricks with Big Dawg ENT and
trying to find an artist to replace Animal and he comes across a rapper
from Newark named Lord Scientific who proves to be much more than even
Don B. can handle. Meanwhile, the police and Gucci are still searching
for Animal and they’ll uncover something about him and his abduction
that no one was prepared for.


K’WAN is the #1 Essence bestselling author of Welfare Wifeys, Section
8, Gutter, Still Hood, Hood Rat, Eve, Hoodlum, Street Dreams, Gangsta
and Road Dawgz. He has been featured in Time, KING, The New York Press,
MTV and Big News.

Please let me know if you would like a review copy.


[editor name redacted]
Senior Publicist, St. Martin’s Press

Hood-rat saga?  UFB.

I just had an involved discussion with some fellow writers over diversity.  I get that I am a slope-headed caveman but I admit, I had a hard time processing this.  I read through the first couple of pages and honestly, it didn't read horribly, until the info dump sections started.  I guess I have a hard time taking seriously a set of characters named, "Porsha, Boots and Frankie."  Some may call me horribly provincial and insensitive, if not outright discriminatory.  I say those names just make me laugh and I couldn't read them without smiling.  And the overall "ghetto feel" was so over the top, I had to laugh again. 

The only thing that actually bothered me was the list of Amazon reviews.  Thirty-two five stars, none of any other rating.  That smells like bullshit to me.  Whether that is derived from the author, the publisher, or just overzealous fans does not make it any less ridiculous.  NOTHING garners 100% five-star ratings.  The author's other books share a similarly-skewed rating chain.  Maybe he has lots of fans.

Good times.


One thought on “I have no words

  1. Transcribing a focus group today about a car maker’s efforts to market specifically to a black audience. Thought of you.

    Honestly my immediate reaction reading the query (or the second paragraph anyway) was that it sounds like much ado about nothing. Two roommates are having the time of their lives mixing mudslides when they realize… the milk has gone sour! Now they only have 22 minutes to get dressed, get sober, and make it to the corner store before it closes for the night!


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