I don’t like you! Boycott!

Now this kinda stuff just pisses me off.

The folks over at Writer Beware (an off-shoot of SFWA) are a pretty good group of people.  I don't necessarily carry water for SFWA as an organization; I'm not a member and given the difference between my writing style and most of theirs, I may never be one, regardless of future success level.  I do, however, believe they are well-intentioned, not evil, and generally interested in promoting the best speculative fiction possible.  Writer Beware is, as their mission statement puts it, "the public face of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s Committee on Writing Scams."

Well, much as Bizarro rose to oppose Superman, a group named "The Write Agenda" has come online, to contest Writer Beware.  I trolled around their site for a while and I have to say, it was bizarre in the extreme.  Disjointed ramblings, pictures on their Facebook that suggested members of Writer Beware should die, and a list of boycotted authors.

Really?  Who the fuck does that – boycotts books and authors?  Grow up.  Go out to their website, if you like.  But hopefully, you have a strong stomach.  I think The Write Agenda is in over their head.  Worse, they are going in diametric opposition to a group that has credibility while they, to date, have none.  I don't care that they waste their time.  But I do care if some innocent writer gets scammed, which is what Writer Beware works to prevent.

I won't ascribe specific motives to the members of The Write Agenda but at best, their diatribes read to me as though someone has a personal axe to grind against members of Writer Beware.  Not persuasive.

You can read much more about it from the Writer Beware people here (with comments) or here.


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