As I came home, I found a little surprise in my mailbox.  My story "A Bird in the Hand," which was picked up by Sam's Dot Publishing, popped up in thier biannual anthology, Shelter of Daylight (Issue #6).  Today my contributor copy and payment arrived.  Nice surprise after a lousy day.

The story concerns a pirate captain seeking her revenge on a traitor.  Lots of cannons, sword fights, wizards, ship-to-ship and general fun.  I think it has a good pulp-y feel.

As if that weren't enough, the volume also contains a story by an associate of mine, linked to the left.  Nyki Blatchley is a fine British fellow and has a neat story in the same volume.

Why would you wait?  You can order it here.

Doesn't matter if I set my kitchen on fire; tonight's a good night.


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