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Actually, I have no "so" this evening.  I am annoyed with myself that I seem to be in a lull with my posting.  So in order to assuage my guilt-inducing Muse, and to keep my posting rate up – and to avoid doing anything more productive for a few minutes – here is some random stuff that may appeal to geeks, writers, social misfits, losers of all stripes, and Presbyterians:

– While I was driving home from work today, I was stopped a traffic light.  There was an F-150-sized truck in front of me.  I wasn't paying real close attention – you know how it is.  I was thinking about dinner and other things, letting my mind drift.  Some motion drew my eyes.  I looked back ot the front and found myself staring at a small face in the back of the truck.  After a second, I realized it was a racoon in a cage.  The light turned green and away we went.  The racoon's head popped up a few more times, then I turned off the road as the truck kept going.

That got me thinking:  what's that racoon's story?  How does that happen?  Misguided attempt to to deliver a wild pet to a grandchild?  A frightened animal being captured in an attic by a humane homeowner, to be taken out of the city and released in the woods?  A rabid animal that had to be put down, while the drive fought the onset of rabies-induced dementia?  Or just an animal friend riding with his master out to the farm, kept in a cage just so he wouldn't jump out and end up as road pizza?  Countless possibilities.  At that moment, I realized humanity will never truly run out stories – there are just too many to tell.

– The entire Star Wars saga is coming out on Blu Ray on Friday, 16 Sep.  Odd; for some reason, I thought it was already out.  Well, this means that George Lucas can spend another ten years laying on top of huge piles of unmarked bills with naked supermodels, while doing blow and taking the Lord's name in vain.  Go to it, George.

– I've been enjoying the latest season of Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.  Yeah, it's totally a guy thing.  Guns, explosions, etc.  The season finale launches at the top of the hour, featuring their first fantasy match-up:  Vampires vs. Zombies.  Can't wait.  (Edit:  The Ghurkas just kicked French Foreign Legion's ass!)

– Speaking of TV shows, Walking Dead returns for season 2 on Oct 16.  I really hope they get back to the comic storylines, which were really intense and enjoyable.  They got a little astray in the first season.

– Speaking of comic books, I am only now realizing that living in the great plains (and not near Chicago) that comic shows are few and far between.  There is one two hours away this weekend but I'm grappling with the distance.  There is one here in Omaha in November … the same weekend I am going out of town for Mrs. Axe's birthday.  Grrrr.  It's a matter of cost, really; I can get the comics much cheaper at the shows (people sell their overstock).  I still enjoy the books, but dammit, I am having a very hard time justifying paying $4 for something I read in 10 minutes.  My cost-to-entertainment-time ratio is better if I go to a movie.  It's better if I buy a Kindle book for the same price, which will at least take me longer.

– Speaking of Kindles, a person who shall be remain nameless (to protect him from the wrath of Mrs. Axe) is peer-pressuring me to get a Kindle.  It could get ugly; I am already tempted and he is not making it easier by talking it up non-stop.  My Dad has one and liked it.  I know you can get magazines and everything else – and as I said above, it is still a good cost-to-time purchase, as I love to read.

– Speaking of good cost-to-entertainment ratios, you know what the best one is?  Bar none?  MMOs.  Massive Multiplayer Online Games (Hey, I said this was for geeks).  And I'm not talking about that Facebook tomfoolery.  When Lord of the Rings Online launched, my wife and I each payed $200 for a lifetime membership.  No subscription fees.  That was in Apr 2007.  That means, this month, we've had access to the game for 54 months.  By my writer math, that's less than $4 a month.  If we averaged an hour a week, that's less than a dollar an hour – and though we don't play much any more, we went through periods of much more than an hour a week, so the ratio is better than that.  (BTW, LOTRO is now free to play, so it costs nothing, though you don't get access to all parts of the game.)

How's that for a stream of consciousness exercise?

Whew, now I am burnt out.  Time for Zombies and Vamps. 

Later, gang.


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