Daily Update #21

A few updates ….

– Omega Mage is out for some beta-reads (it barely qualifies, they are almost alpha reads), after which I will be ready for some other folks to read it – some folks who offered to do a novel-swap right on this blog.

– I wrote about 2K words this weekend for a tailor-made anthology story.  Oddly enough, this is for an publisher that I swore I would never submit to again.  Also oddly enough (or not), I am twisting the theme a little – probably enough that even if they like my writing, they will not like that fact that I am going in the opposite direction of the implied theme.  That's okay; maybe it will find a home somewhere else.  Besides, this is the first short story I've done in a while.  I should be able to finish  my first draft in the next day or so.

– Still haven't really started writing Pilgrimmage to Skara.  I need to get off my duff.

– Since Omega Mage isn't quite ready for Critters, I tossed another story up there – a story called At The Door, which is one of the first period pieces I ever wrote (set in turn-of-the-20th century Russia).  This is the second version, which I like quite a bit better, so we'll see what the Critters crowd says.  Even though it's scheduled to be up for review on 7 Sep, I don't expect it until 14 Sep (it'll be moved down by the people winning instant reviews).

– Speaking of Critters, I read five stories from the site this weekend.  I could not bring myself to review a single one of them.  I don't know if I had a rare moment of weakness and I was being nice (because all five reviews would have been necessarily harsh), or just being flat-out lazy.  Equal chances for either cause.  Fortunately, my novel reviews this calendar year have kept me in good standing.

– I still have four stories out for consideration.  I recently received a rejection from Electric Spec, saying it made it to their final round of consideration before being kicked.  That is the THIRD story I've sent to them following that arc.  It's like making it to third base only to hear, "Yeah, but I have a headache now."  It's becoming personal – I have to keep sending stories until I get one through, just to show 'em.

– Read an interesting blog on one getting their spec fiction writing career started right here.  I didn't agree with all of it but I am heartened to see less-known authors putting their thoughts on the subject out there; I thought I was the only nerd who told people how to write.

Not much else going on.  I have been back from the desert for a week and am bored and lonely already.  Beer and tacos for dinner should be just the cure.  And just in time, since the next three days of work will be awful.  Bloody awful.

Maybe I should get some wine, too.

[Edit:  I have no idea why the last few entries have been double-spacing between paragraphs.  I'll check into it – to be continued.


3 thoughts on “Daily Update #21

  1. Fly.

    I’ve just gotten into some novel slush pile reading, not dissimilar from what you did before I imagine, and after that I’m ready to read something competent. (Having read your short fiction I’m sure it’s better than competent, but that’s the base level I’ve been missing in my life lately.)


    1. Heh

      Yeah, I kinda aimed that comment at you, just since you offered before. 🙂 In seriousness, no hurry and no pressure … whenever you have time, we can do the exchange.

      Competent? Well, I hope my novel is that, at a minimum. My short fiction has its ups and downs, so the novel will too.


      1. Re: Heh

        Ready when you are. I set my own work schedule, so no worries on time. As far as mine goes, I’ll start posting chapters on FW probably on Thursday; you’re welcome to give those a look and see if it’s something you’re interested in slogging through. It’s self-indulgent hippie drivel in a lot of ways, but that’s why I’m hoping you’ll read it. It needs a reliable bullshit detector.


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