Requiem in dragons


I came off my much needed vacation yesterday.  Some health issues made the time off really necessary but I am back now, feeling hale and hearty.  The high desert air of the Mogollon Rim and a couple weeks off did me some good.  More good news:  Mrs. Axe returned my draft of Omega Mage, all marked up, so I am running through that and making updates.

Over the last few months, I’ve been providing a beta review of a trilogy called Song of Dragons, by a certain Daniel Arenson (website here).  The story concerns a race of shape-shifting dragon humanoids, hunted to near extinction by a jealous rival.  The names of the main characters are taken from the Requiem Mass by Mozart but the naming conventions blend nicely with the rest of the story.   The characters are decently fleshed out – including a very chilling antagonist – and the setting carries an air of sad nobility coupled with the decay wrought by the villains.  Daniel’s writing is straightforward; he made some word choices I would not have but the story reads decently and provides enough imagery so that the reader should always be able to visualize what’s happening.

(I’ll give him this, too:  Dan’s tips for writing – also on his website – are presented in a far better manner than my collection of drivel on writing plots on this very blog.)

Overall, the first two books read well.  I was probably a little harsh on Daniel in my reviews, but my that’s just me.  I’m looking forward to the third, to see how the plot threads tie up.

Daniel has the first book of the trilogy up for sale at his site.  Check it out.


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