Stray Thoughts from Suburbia

Okay, I admit it beforehand:  I had a few beers after work today.  Trust me, it was much needed.  The ass-clownery has reached epic proportions and it was all I could do not to cry uncle.  Still, a pair of good friends and two ales later, I feel much better.  The only thing that would make it better would be if Mrs. Axe showed up unannounced to give me a backrub.

So, in the spirit of having a nice buzz, here are today’s random thoughts:

– Most of you know who Amanda Hocking is:  indie publisher and self-made millionaire.  I have no idea if her books are good, as I have yet to read any.  But if anything is more predictable than the rush of e-published books that pop up in her wake to cash in on that success, it is the certainty that a segment of idiots will pop up to decry her work as poor quality.  Here, someone insinuates that she thinks of herself as Kurt Vonnegut, when it’s not clear she says that at all – and here, she is castigated as using flat characters and poor sentence structure – and here, someone flat out says she is not that good of a writer.

Who cares?  As I have said before, if people are reading ANYTHING, why is that a bad thing?  Bloggers and columnists can offer opinions but they are not the arbiters of what is good and bad – remember that, no matter who says it.  Including me.  (Especially me.)  Artistic quality is an individual choice; read it and decide for yourself.

This is why I hate people – ’cause they suck.  Beating with metal pipes should be mandatory for bloggers and other mouth-breathing chumps who offer unsolicited opinions. might be the best blog in the universe for spec fiction.  It covers fantasy, sci-fi, and a little horror and is updated bunches, every day.  Worth your time….

– I found this blog about the "10 Rules of Science Fiction."  Meh.  Personally, the only one that made sense was Rule Zero.  Nothing else is an absolute.

– Overheard at the pub:  "The only part of her that is weird … is the smell."  C’mon, someone make a story out of that.  Zombie lover?  Human lover to a zombie?  Woman made of plants?  Dog that rolls in dead people?  I wanna read your stories!

– Am I the only one who thinks it is weird that you can have gay marriage in New York but can’t light up a cigarette in Central Park, or have your food deep fried in trans-fats?

– Okay, that’s enough of that.  Y’all be good.


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