The Next Endeavor


Omega Mage is done, and off to Mrs. Axe for a review.  She’ll scratch it up and return it to me for further editing.  After that, perhaps I’ll run it through Critters for a beta read or two.  Any reader here (all four of you) that would like to offer feedback is welcome.

Lacking something better to do, tonight I started outlining the next book.  Working title is "Pilgrimage to Skara," so that will be the tag with which to find updates here.  It’s either that, or sit here and watch that stupid rabbit outback eating the grass (at least I know where to go when I run out of chicken).

This’ll be a little different than the last one, and is not a sequel of any kind.  It is a little more typical fantasy than Omega Mage (still hate that title).  But if it works out, I think there will be enough moving parts and political intrigue to kind of keep the reader guessing until the end.  Plus, I believe the nature of the story will allow me to develop more characters than Omega Mage.

Okay, back to work.


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