Daily Update #20


Not much daily about these updates, is there?  No, it’s just a random collection of jibber-jabber about my writing, on a semi-regular schedule.  But it is an update, and I only do one on any given day, so….

(Muse:  That’s weak, man.)

Shut up!  Anyway, ….

– I am hip-deep in my Omega Mage rewrite and revision.  It’s going well; I am closing in on finishing the 10th of 13 chapters.  Along the way, I’ve added about 7500 words to the novel, by way of expansion, expanded dialogue, etc.  I changed up one of the fundamental concepts in the novel and I think the story is stronger for it.  I have a couple of alpha readers (i.e., Mrs. Axe) chomping at the bit to read this, so I have to get it done.  Coming along , coming along.

– I had a rejection this week, kind of an odd one.  Waaaay back (three years ago), I submitted a story for a themed anthology.  I was initially rejected, with a holdover request for possible use in the second volume with the same theme.  I complied and left it alone.  Seven months or so ago, I heard back from the editor on the second volume, who asked for some rewrites, most of which were warranted.  I complied, sent it back in, and waited.  This weekend, I checked.  The names/stories for the second volume are up and posted.  Mine was not included.  I never received a rejection notice on the second rewrite.  I hope that was an oversight on the editor’s part, not a blow-off.  I’ve been following the editor’s site for a while and I am inclined to believe the former.  I tried to take the high road, wrote back and wished the editor well.  Still ….

– As I mentioned, I did make a sale earlier this week, at least.  That helped balance it.  No news as to when the issue is in print, but I will keep checking.

– Last year, I wrote what can only be described as a "fucked-up story" called "The Final Wife."  I wrote about it a bit here; it’s intentionally supposed to be make the reader uncomfortable.  The other day, I gave it to someone to read.  Their only response was, "What’s wrong with you?"  Mission accomplished.

– As I ran my mouth with my coworkers this week, I had some ideas percolate up for short story ideas.  More specifically, I (we) settled on three different opening lines.  Despite my assurances to the boys, I ultimately had to write them down, as I otherwise would have forgotten them.  I have finally (finally!) gotten in the habit of writing down my story ideas.  No idea how many stories I’ve lost that way, and that got me thinking.  I wonder how many stories – including some of potential genius – have been lost by collective humanity just because they didn’t write down the idea.  The mind shudders from such a concept.  Anyway, I have a good vector on where to go once my revision is done.  I have 4-5 ideas I have to get done now, and a few short story revisions.  I also have my next book idea lined up.  More time … I need more time.


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