Follow Up – Nasty Nebula Naughtiness

So ….

My last post was a link to the most recent Nebula Awards.  As I was tooling about the blogosphere this evening, I come across Nick Mamatas’s journal entry on the same subject.  I read NM’s blog at times.  Politically, we’re about on opposite ends of the spectrum but he’s got some interesting things to say about the writing world and displays a certain wit that I find amusing.  Anyhow, he made some commentary regarding the Nebula Awards, which you can read here.  There was also a vigorous discussion among his commenters.  Not having read the novels that were entered, I can’t comment on my opinion of who should have won … but I’m trying to divine the meaning behind the final comment:

But at least SFWA managed to, for the most part, hold back the tide of black and brown people on the nominating ballot, amirite?! Phew!

Ah.  Silly me, I thought these things were decided by merit.  Even if Nick’s preferences are 180 degrees out of sync with the winners, someone thought those who were nominated and/or won deserved to do so.  Nothing like taking a shot at your entire peer group, accusing them of being frothing-at-the-mouth John Bull types.

It’s easy to assign racism / sexism / nameyourism to any outcome one doesn’t like.  It’s also sloppy thinking and frankly, comes off as whining.  I expected better than this tired meme with which the literary community self-flagellates, consistently and without end.

Fortunately, the post / comments also made reference to actual writing reasons why the winning novel should not have won.  Otherwise, I might have been irritated enough to make a post myself.  I haven’t been in a good fight in a while, so it could have been fun.  And in any event, I am now determined to read the nominee list and decide on my own (yay, self-determination!).

Other blog entries – such as John Scalzi‘s, were calmer and more complimentary.


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