Pheww … I did it.

Wow.  Almost killed me, but I finished.  The first draft of Omega Mage is officially done, as of 1030PM central daylight time today.  I did about 7K words this weekend, to finish up.

It’s done – a fully complete novel.  Not the most advanced accomplishment, but considering I’ve been at this a while, I’m glad to get through it.

A little word count discrepancy:  since I normally don’t type in Microsoft Word, I use an online Java tool to track my word count (found here).  That tool has my word count at 87K.  I did a count in word, and it came up with 83K.  So looking at about a 5% difference.  No biggie; I wanted to get over 80K, and since I have some material to add during my next draft, it should be fine.

In any event, I am just glad to get one version finished.  I need to let it sit for a least a week away before I start to revise, so time to get caught up on some other things.  



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