Daily Update #19

Well, hell.

Last Thursday I managed to torpedo my left knee.  One step during my run, everything was fine; the next step felt like someone slid a stiletto under my kneecap.  A few visits to the doctor and a bunch of x-rays later, I spent my weekend with my left leg in a brace and motrin in my bloodstream every twelve hours.  It’s an old injury to the tendon that keeps cropping up but this is worse than the last few.  The doctor today told me we’re going to try physical therapy first.  If that doesn’t work, most of the remaining roads lead to surgery.  That knee already has bad calcium build-up and early symptoms of arthritis.  Getting older sucks and that running shit will absolutely kill you.

So what else is happening?

– After my 3.5K weekend, I’m just shy of 80K words on Omega Mage.  Getting close to finishing the first draft.  I want to get this story knocked out, as I’ve been dragging it out for months and need to finish the damn thing.  I actually have a plot outlined for a three book series and I keep telling myself I can’t start on it until I finish this one.  I meant to work on it tonight but just couldn’t focus; I did work on some patterns for Mrs. Axe to use in her stained glass.  She might even have found an outlet to sell her work.  At some point, I will post her best fantasy works here.

– I got two rejections over the last two weeks.  No biggie, I’ll just turn them this week and get them back out.  After last night’s news about Osama bin Laden meeting his maker, I jotted down a quick flash piece inspired by that piece of news (no, not a chest-beating revenge fantasy piece).  Not sure I like it, as it might be construed as being sympathetic to bin Laden, which could not be further from the truth.

– I’m still waiting with baited breath on one piece to come back.  It was a re-write request, which is one of the few I’ve received.  I think that ramps up the pressure, you know – you’re this close, and just need to get over the hump.  Well, I took the story in a slightly different direction, reduced the size by 50%, and cleaned up a bunch of the bad verbiage.  No word yet and I is nervous.

– Thor starts this Friday.  He was my favorite comic character when I was a kid, so I’ll have to find time to see it.  Nobody on this planet would guess my second favorite Marvel character, not even by looking at my old comic collections.  Sadly, that character could never carry their own movie, so I’ll just have to keep the bad fan fiction alive in my head.

There we are.  Yeah, I know I need to finish my series of posts on plotting.  I will, sooner or later. 


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