Daily Update #18

Okay, time for more cowbell.

– My story "A Mother’s Joy" should be out in the print version of Golden Visions Magazine in a few days.  Hooray, more publications.

– I’ve developed a taste for Podcasts lately.  Little snippets of narrated text add an extra dimension to the storytelling.  There are a few sites out there, such as Pseudopod, which specializes in horror stories, or PodCastle, which specializes in fantasy (the third leg of the tripod – sci-fi – is at Escape Pod).

By far, my favorite is Drabblecast.  The gentleman who runs the site, Norm Sherman, has a delightfully dry sense of humor.  He picks the perfect background music for the narrated story, which does nothing but elevate the moodiness of the pieces.  The stories run the gamut from the odd and quirky to downright freaky.

I listened to episode #194 last night – a story called A Distant Sound of Hammers.  Very good story, with a most bodacious reader.  Word of warning:  do not listen to it if you are easily offended or have delicate sensibilities, as it will likely violate on both counts.  And not right before bed.  I made the mistake of doing that last night and I was suitably creeped out.  It’s about 30 minutes but worth every second.  You can get to it here.

Next time I revise my links, Drabblecast is going on the sideboard.

– Over the weekend, I posted a story for review on a peer site for the first time in months.  First review?  Pointed out that I used an inconsistent name for the main character.  God.  Sometimes I feel like a rank effing amateur.

– I had an email exchange with a guy I worked with at a previous job.  He typed the words, "Make this fast, I am eating a beagle."  I wrote back, "Did you mean bagel?"  He LOL’d and said yes.  What an odd turn of phrase … eating a beagle.  Some writer could make a story out of that.

– Okay, so I saw an assed-up movie this weekend.  Water over the dam.  There was a preview for a movie called "Priest" that had some promise.  Will I succumb to the same temptation and be drawn in by a poorly-written and acted movie, in exchange for whiz-bang effects?  More than likely.

‘Til next time, sports fans.  I promise, I will be putting up the next section on plotting very soon.

(Muse:  Don’t threaten your readers like that.)


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