Daily Update #17

Ah, to where doth the hours depart?  Already, two months down in 2011.  Be 2012 in no time.  Anyway, the updates:

– Omega Mage is proceeding nicely.  I had to take a hiatus for about four weeks but I’ve cranked out some decent words in the last two weekends – around 7.5K the first time and maybe half that this last weekend.  I re-read part of what I wrote and I think it’s holding up very well.

– For those that doubt the power of e-publishing, check this out:  The Very Rich Indie Writer.  Nice story and gives all of us lone lunatics hope.  (Hat tip to Lesli Wilder for the link; in addition to being a better writer than me, she seems to be better at finding interesting links.  I’m still better at loafing.)

– My story "The King of Belmer" is now out in e-print, from Rymfire books.  The name of the anthology is "State of Horror: Louisiana".  Rather obviously, all of the stories are set in the Pelican State.  It’s small press but a sale is a sale – and we should support small press if they make good product.  Not saying that what I wrote is good but you know what I mean.  You can find it at the Rymfire site, or at Lulu, or Amazon

– Is it wrong to say I had a smile on my face when seeing my name on Amazon, even in such a small capacity?  Well, I ‘m gonna smile anyway.

– … and my story "A Mother’s Joy" should be out in the next issue of Golden Visions (in April).  GV’s website is here.

– And I reshuffled some links on the left margin.  There is another link I would like to add but I need to wait on something (oh, I know that is just killing some of you….)

– Finally, I just realized that I have had this blog up for thirteen months now.  In that time, I’ve made 69 posts before this one, or an average of one every five days or so.  (I should do better than that.)  Has it helped me?  Hurt me?  No idea on either count but it’s been fun.  So here’s to the next thirteen months.  Cheers!


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