Omega Mage Progress

So ….

Anyone who reads this blog routinely – both of you – knows I am writing a novel.

To be honest with you, it’s harder than I ever would have thought. I have … I dunno, maybe 75-80 short stories of various length (between 500 and 20K words).  Short stories aren’t easy to write either, since you have to cram your entire story in fewer words – but they do have the benefit of having a quick beginning, middle, and end.  When you write 2000 words, it’s pretty easy to edit in a single sitting.  Hell, it’s easy to write in a single sitting.

A novel, though, is harder.  Target novel length (according to publishers) for new authors is 80-120K words.  That shows that you can sustain a story but not so long that readers may give it an unknown factor a chance.  In other words, readers may slog through The Stand, because Stephen King is a known entity, whereas Jonathan Pembroke being a new writer, they may not chance an 800-page novel – but will chance a 250-300 page book.

Don’t get me wrong; I am making progress.  I think I registered around 5K words this week.  So the story is moving.  But there is an exhaustion factor there I never felt in short stories.  In most short stories, I told the thing and then was done with it, whatever the length.  Now, I have to make it go …. and go, and go …. etc.

I know some folks that are terrified of writing a novel.  I understand it.  But if I can get it finished in good order…what an accomplishment that would be.

Enough bitching, on to the good stuff:

– As stated, I did about 5000 words this week.  Good progress, plus I have this afternoon to add to it.  I am starting to get to where the story really turns and sends the main character off in an unexpected direction.  Unexpected for him and – I hope – the reader.

– I have a page full of notes for revision.  I think I might have diluted the bad-guy pool a little much so subsequent edits will shake that out.  Of course, once finished, I will be looking for beta-readers (hintity-hint-hint).

– I also have some revisions for the world writ at large.  I mentioned in another blog post that world-building is not my forte but I think this one is coming together nicely.  The meshing of technology and magic is always tricky; I even have a steampunk-ish flavor to some of the contraptions here.  I think it works; readership will tell me one way or the other.

– Still searching for a title.  "Omega Mage" isn’t a good enough one.

Okay, back to work.  I did manage to get a rewrite request (separate project) in this morning, so fingers crossed.


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