Daily Update #16

Ah, so….

– I am still plugging away at Omega Mage.  The first draft is over halfway done.  Keeping up momentum has been the biggest challenge; if I get a rut where I can churn out 1-2K words a day, I can keep that pace.  I take three days off and it’s like pushing a Ford Explorer uphill.  It’s tough to get going again.

– I received a re-write request on a project I’d had in for eighteen months.  I was bowled over, as I had half-forgotten about the story and the submission.  The editor apologized for the delay and frankly, I was glad just to hear that they wanted a re-write, as I had looked back on the story a few times and wanted to re-work it.  Well, this forced my hand, so I revised it.  I think it is much better and am going to take another look at it this weekend, before I resubmit it.  Cross your fingers.

– I finished a short story about a guy who has an unusual relationship with a piece of art.  Nothing sexual, mind you (in this case, it would be bizarre on about six different levels).  It’s kinda tongue-in-cheek but I hope the good message leaks through in the end.

– I recently – well, within the last two years – read two of Stephen King’s latest novels:  Duma Key and Under the Dome.  Reflecting on that yesterday, I had a mini-revelation.  Maybe it’s just me but King’s latest work doesn’t seem nearly as innovative or entertaining as his earlier works.  That’s disappointing but also got me thinking:  is this the ultimate end of all writers?  At some point, does their creative spark – after years of erosion – finally break down?  Does everyone have a finite number of good stories to tell before they’ve exhausted their capability?  Or is this just a case of King having some bad books – or worse, some lazy books?  Do we all have that bitter future in store?  I think I just made myself sad.  šŸ˜¦

– In my fleeting spare time, I started playing a turn-based strategy computer game called Heroes of Might and Magic V.  I’ve been a fan of the series for fifteen years.  This is the hardest one of the series yet and I, a veteran computer-gamer (though not as veteran as these guys), am having some real problems beating it.  Meh, gotta have some challenges in life.

That’s it, true fans, ’til next time.


One thought on “Daily Update #16

  1. Hmm….

    Very interested in that art story. If you need a critique…. šŸ˜‰

    Re: King… Honestly, I thought Duma Key is overrated. Under the Dome was about 500 pages too long, but the idea was neat.

    Good luck on your rewrite request! šŸ™‚


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