Daily Update #15

Well, let’s see….

– I received two rejections this week.  Both were a bit unusual, in that they were contained good feedback as to why they did not accept the story, and both were extremely polite.  Most of my feedback has been either polite form letters or terse blow-offs.  But both of these were detailed and obviously had some thought involved.  So my thanks go to those publications, even though they rejected my stories.

– I started two stories this week.  One is my latest Woodhollow tale.  I went back to the beginning and started with the origin tale of Sydney, Marla, and the rest.  It’s coming along nicely.  The other concerns a man’s obsession with an artistic rendering of … well, man’s best friend.  It’s not as dark as some of my other stuff.  Both should be done before the weekend is over.

– "Omega Mage" is still a work in progress.  My goal was to finish the first draft before the holidays.  I won’t quite make it but I should be able to take it up in a refreshed state of mind after New Year’s and knock out the rest … which is good, because I already have the plot for my next novel sketched out.

– The first trailer for the movie "Thor" hit the net sometime recently.  I myself only saw it a day or two ago.  Thor has been my favorite comic book character for decades, so I am very excited about this one.  Yes, it’s quite deviated from original Norse mythology but that’s okay; the comic has been in publication for almost fifty years so it has a ton of continuity of its own.  Anyway, here’s a link.

– Anyone know a good website selling fantasy art?  I’m looking for a few specific things, so if you have suggestions, please post away.

That’s it for me, ’til next time.


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