Daily Update #14


I didn’t actually disappear into the void for the last few weeks but it felt like it sometimes.  So much going on and so much to do…and so little time.

But I’ve had a few things going on:

– After hearing nothing on some submissions for a long time, one finally drifted in as a rejection.  No biggie.

– I haven’t gotten much writing done the last two weeks but did have a flash of inspiration today, on a particularly American subject.  I aim to keep it short and I think it will come out well.  I also got an idea for my next blog entry, which should either delight or enrage everyone who reads it.  I’ve been getting a lot of ideas, lately.  This ought to make me ecstatic, since I go through periods where I can’t come with any ideas.  I need to keep writing them down, lest they flit out of my head.  I already lost one today.  Getting older sucks.

– I’ve fallen behind on my reading, too.  Par for the course for the holidays, really; with all the events and travel, I just have lots on my plate.  That doesn’t include having to do the same amount of job work in reduced weeks, due to the days off.  Not that I am complaining about days off, mind you….

– The TV series Walking Dead continues apace on AMC. Five of the first six-episode season have now been broadcast.  Even though I still enjoy the show, I do have some mixed feelings.  The character development feels a little uneven, as compared to the comic series, with certain characters whipsawing between emotional extremes.  And though the series has been moderately faithful to the comic, as of last night, it is moving in a completely new direction.  I’m not sure it’s going to work out but we will see.

– Saw two movie trailers this weekend.  One for a werewolf-themed version of Red Riding Hood and another for a Nicolas Cage flick called Season of the Witch, due out in late spring.  I like Cage but he has made some appalling role choices in recent years (Wicker Man, I am looking in your direction).  I hope this is better but retain my skepticism.

– I saw that Leslie Neilsen died.  We’ve lost a comic giant.  Had I been asked to write a comic sketch for him, I would have considered that an honor on the order of magnitude of being offered the chance to be the first human to go to Mars.

That’s it.  Until next time, true believers.


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