Daily Update #13

Been a while, hasn’t it?  I need to sweep up some cobwebs around here.  Anyway:

– Last week, I made another sale.  "A Mother’s Joy," about a woman with an unusual birth, will appear in Golden Visions Magazine in April of next year.  Hurrah for Axe!

– In the meantime, I had three other rejections.  Meh.

– Still humming along on the novel and making progress.  I added a few thousand words this week and the plot is working out.  Heh, you know I keep saying the plot is working but I’m waiting for my first review, where they guy says, "This sucked, and the plot is all assed-up!"  At that point, I would have to laugh at myself.  Why not?  There is no point in taking life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.

– I have a story up on Critters this week.  It’s not one of the better ones and riddled with cliches – but I actually enjoyed writing it.  It’s action-oriented and kinda cheesy but what the hell, so is half the crap on the market now.  And like I said, it was fun to write.  Sometimes the best things are the simple ones.

– I am still reading the wolf-lady’s novel.  I was a little optimistic on my time-line to get it read but I know I still owe the blog here a full review.  It’s coming along, as I have time.  Work has been flogging me like Kirk Douglas in Spartacus.

– This video will make absolutely no sense if you are unfamiliar with the Jim Henson fantasy movie The Dark Crystal.  If you are familiar with it – and you have the same kind of warped sense of humor I have – you will probably laugh hysterically.  If you don’t, you’ll wonder what the hell is wrong with me.  You might do both.

– Finally, I once again encourage folks to tune in to AMC Sunday night at 10PM Eastern for the premiere of The Walking Dead.  I’m a fan of the comic book series, which is a great example of group-dynamic in a time of crisis.  It’s being directed by Frank Darabont, director of the movie Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, and thus far, looks really good.

That’s it for today.  In the words of Stan Lee, Excelsior!


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