Daily Update #12

Blarg.  Okay, I’m slacking a lot right now.  Real life caught up to me and treated me like a kid caught shopliftng from a candy store.

– Speaking of kids…I’m getting ready to be grandpa.  Horror!  My son is expanding his family by one, with the addition of a baby girl – little Danielle.  Said girl is due by c-section on Thursday.  Mrs. Axe is – naturally – so excited she can barely contain herself.  Owing to the circumstances of our physical (not marital) separation, I’m not quite as excited.  I think I would be, were I closer to the action instead of 1200 miles away.  Anyway, all this talk of kids in the family means I may need to try my hand at some writing for children, which is its own skillset.

– I had another two rejections this week, both form letters.  I don’t mind form letters – that is, unless they try to soften the blow with flowery language.  Those are annoying.  Take these two form rejections I have received:

— Thank you for your interest but your story isn’t quite right for us.


— Thank you for your interest but your story isn’t quite right for us.  We receive many high-quality works and have to make difficult decisions regarding them all which sometimes results in freaky space monkey sex.

Okay, they didn’t write "freaky space monkey sex."  But they could have and I would have never known.  Why?  Because once you’re rejected, there’s little reason to read further.  At least the first one gets me back out there working, without wading through the rhetoric about why they didn’t pick me.  If you’re going to use a form letter, use the KISS principle, people!  The above one went on for three paragraphs.

– I took a two-day break from my novel and cranked out another story.  I don’t know why but I needed a break.  In the interim, something spawned in my mind and I grabbed it.  I’ll put it to you this way:  if you can imagine the song "Coward of the County," with some horror elements mixed in, you’re halfway there.

– Finally, I have not yet finished the little werewolves book.  Too many distractions last week, plus I haven’t been sleeping well for a few weeks.  And coming home at night past 6PM isn’t helping.   I’m getting there, though, and still intend to do a full review.

Til then, enjoy that space monkey sex, freaky or non.


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