Picking up the gauntlet


I stirred up a little controversy last week.  Nothing new about that.

Anyway, Ms. Grand took a mild swipe at me on her own blog, Lycan Librarian.  She said I made light of literary mash-ups (which I did) and said that if they were easy to write, there would be more on the shelves.  Well, since Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came out, quite a few other mash-ups HAVE been published, with who-knows-how-many-more waiting in the wings.  Having a tried and true plot does make the story easier to write.  How else was Eragon written?  It’s widely-regarded as nothing but a mash-up of LOTR and Star Wars – a view with which, after reading the first book, I heartily agree.

I speak from experience, as I once re-wrote a 10K word version of Snow White from the evil Queen’s point-of-view.  I already had the structure and sequence of events, which meant I could concentrate on the characterization, dialogue, and descriptions.  No writing is easy, but having one element already predetermined for you does make it easier.  I think we will see more of these mash-ups until the trend burns itself out – which I hope, will be soon.

She also took a stab at my musings on my own novel writing, saying that I thought I was too smart for the readers and would have dumb down the novel.  The comment would have been much more biting if it had been at all true.  Not only do I not believe that, I said nothing of the sort.  I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she misunderstood what I posted.  If it was an attempt at an insult, I have to give it a D+.

Well, I’m a good sport.  Today, I picked up Little Women and Werewolves.  I bought it retail; I would not want to deny Ms. Grand her due royalty.  That is said without sarcasm; she got a book published, so she deserves whatever royalty she gets.

It’s about 400 pages, so unless something comes up this week, I should have it done by next weekend.  I’ll read it and give a full review.  It’s been decades since I read the original Little Women and I remember very little of the book so I’m coming at this from a fresh perspective.  Once I have it read, I will offer up some opinions.

And we’ll see what we see.


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