Daily Update #11


– Didn’t quite make my 5k word goal for the week.  Came up about 500 words short, so am sitting around 22.5K words.  Got hung up on one scene and couldn’t make it work.  I finally sputtered through something but I am not happy with it, so I figure I’ll revisit during the revision.  I’ll try for another 5K for next week – so the goal is 28K (rounded up).

– I received a couple more rejections on short stories.  One said it was a great story but just not quite right for them.  A silver lining, I guess….

– My story at Critters is getting some great reviews – "great" as in people like it, and "great" as in I am getting a lot of awesome suggestions on how to improve it.  Also, I finished reviewing a young lady’s novel on Critters.  Her book was interesting and she was a pleasure to work with.  I hope she does well.

– I’m thrilled that AMC is doing a TV version of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.  It’s an ongoing series published by Image comics about a group of people dealing with the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.  The group deals with the monsters, other survivors, and their own internal power struggles.  What makes it so compelling is the interplay between the characters.  Kirkman does a fabulous job developing and growing the characters.  Anyway, I can’t wait.  More info here, at AMC’s site.

– Oh and if you see the post below, I have a little project on my hands.  Time to place my paycheck where my teeth are, so to speak.


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