I apparently have touched a nerve.  Little ole’ lovable me – adorable as a puppy and about as dangerous.

A couple of blog posts back, I referenced a book by one Porter Grand, called Little Women and Werewolves.  I made light of the writing in a passing way and thought no more of it.

Well, low and behold, the author made the following post (see it here, second comment):

Thanks for judging my book by flipping through it hastily. Once you are published, I hope people don’t do such things to your book.

I actually laughed out loud.

First, I pretty much expect to be savaged in some quarters if my book is published.  Nobody gets universally good reviews.  Even acclaimed writers have their share of detractors.  And it’s not restricted to people who have read the book.  I know people who hate the Twilight series without having read it, because they hate the hype and are generally annoyed at some things Stephanie Meyers says in interviews.  So, it happens.  Deal.

Second, my comment was basically a throwaway line.  I didn’t go into any great detail, since I only read a few pages.  Upon receiving the comment, my second impulse (after I laughed) was to actually go buy the book to review it – and heaven help Ms. Grand if I read the whole thing through and didn’t like it – because then I really would have unloaded.

Third – and most important – so what?  I’m some blabbermouth with a website, read by a handful of people.  I’m not a professional reviewer and my thoughts aren’t reaching any wide audience.  Ms. Grand has a published book.  Reviews on Amazon are decent.  She’s making money off the thing.  And she is worried about what some random boob on the internet says?  

Does not compute.   If I met Ms. Grand face to face, I’d have one thing to say:  "Ma’am, rather than worry about what some pissant blogger has to say, you might want to spend that energy writing your next book and get it to the shelves sooner."

"And if that doesn’t work, well, I’m here all night.  Drop in whenever you like and snark away."

"I can take it."


3 thoughts on “Aww…..

  1. Huh

    One would think a published author would have thicker skin, eh?

    And don’t sell your blog short, man. It’s the only blog I read!


  2. Stupid, stupid me. I thought I might instill in you a bit of respect for the work of others. Of course I have a thick skin, but my pet peeve is when people wax expert on a book they haven’t read. Once you read mine, I’m quite secure you’ll have all sorts of “expert” and nasty things to say about it. We’ll meet for lunch when you’re published. Goodbye.


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