Daily Update #9

So …..

No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy.  Just a little bit of ageless wisdom for y’all while I sit around and wait for my furniture to be delivered.

– I am 12K words into my novel.  It is going well; I am on target for pace and the words seem to be flowing easily enough.  As I read my plot outline, though, I fret that I may be too clever – that it may come across that I am trying to outsmart the reader with my twists and turns.  In a nutshell, I am trying to set it up so that the main character has a whole host of enemies, ranging from people who simply don’t like him to those actively trying to kill him.  One of them is actually the Big Bad in hiding.  I have a wide cast of characters introduced and plan to slowly eliminate the potential candidates as the story progresses. Too cutesy?  You know, I don’t think so.  Besides, *I* like the way it is shaping up.  Maybe someone else will too.

– I am also reviewing a novel for reviewing credit on Critters.  While the plot is interesting enough, there are a number of problems with characterization and telling vs. showing that it is hard to review.  As I read it, I am struck with the uncomfortable revelation that someone may have the same reaction reading my novel once it is finished.  Yikes, I should not have opened that can of mental worms….

– I  had a couple of rejections trickle in and turned those stories.  Of 27 pieces I have tried to sell over the last few years, I have found a home for four of them.  Not the worst rate in the world but I can do better.

– As a side note, I noticed a book title while in the book store today:  Little Women and Werewolves.  I guess it is not too late to hop on the bandwagon since Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I read a few pages of the imitator; Grahame-Smith need not lose sleep over it.

– Finally, I reorganized my links to the left and added a couple.  Just ’cause….


2 thoughts on “Daily Update #9

  1. Heh

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was awesome! It’s the best way for my husband to read the classics.

    Good luck with the novel. Don’t worry about being too smart for your readers, we want to be fooled.


  2. Judging a Book

    Thanks for judging my book by flipping through it hastily. Once you are published, I hope people don’t do such things to your book.


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