Well, I found out yesterday that my last sale my not be published, as the company is seriously rethinking their e-book venture.


Major blow to the ego, less so to the pocketbook.  The bigger pisser is that I wrote that story ("The King of Belmer") specifically for that anthology and will probably have a hard time fitting it anywhere else.  I spent a lot of time – disproportionate to what it was worth – on this story.  Lovecraftian horror isn’t my strong point (somewhere, my muse is mumbling, "You don’t have a strong point!" and I’m backhanding her and yelling, "Quiet, slut!") but I thought this one came out fairly well.  Once word is official, I will try another venue but my confidence in this tale is low.

Since I finished The Mistborn Trilogy and nothing else Sanderson wrote seems interesting at the moment, I am going to try The Eyes of God by John Marco.  No idea who he is, and never heard of the book.  But I read the first ten pages and it might work.  If nothing else, it’s 700+ pages thick, so will keep me busy for a while.

And on a side blurb, I finally moved into my apartment here in Omaha.  Stupid internet will probably not be up until Wednesday (today is Saturday), so I’ll have to go ‘cross the street to the Starbucks to check my email for a few days.  Otherwise, I stare at the walls and imagine where I will put things when my stuff arrives.

See?  I managed to hold off the whiny topic from the other day for at least one more entry….  But the more I peruse the shelves at Borders, and the more I read online "professional" mags like Clarkesworld and Fantasy Magazine, the more it is building….

Will I succumb – or will I fight if off for a second round?  Stay tuned!


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