Daily Update #8


In the last few days, I:

– Sent out five submissions, including stories I had not sent out before.  I also inquired on a couple still pending.  Please cross your fingers, toes, eyes, breasts – whatever you can cross for me.
– Wrote a few reviews for various websites.
– Logged about 3K words on my latest novel effort.

I was mildly productive.  I think I have an apartment scoped so once I get settled I’ll get a good writing rhythm down.

Ah, check this out:  the magazine Shock Totem, while young, is developing a strong reputation for publishing good horror.  The current issue has a story published by a friend.  Leslianne Wilder wrote the story Sweepers, and it is quite good (check this review).  I had a chance to read Sweepers way back when (long before publishing) and offer some feedback to Lesli.  She is a talented writer and so very modest that you alternately want to hug her and slap some sense into her.  Anyway, if you like horror, support Shock Totem.  They haven’t accepted a story by me yet but I keep trying.

Oh yeah.  Did I mention that my slush pile gig got put on hiatus?  The submissions editor at the company resigned so everything went to standby.  I was just getting into to it, too … you know, the power that came with crushing dreams of fledgling writers.  No, I kid, I kid.  But being part of a greater effort was fun.  I’m looking for another gig doing the same thing.  As I did, I started looking at the bios of slush readers for other publications.  All of them were published themselves, and multiple award winners.

Hmmm.  This put me in mind of reading the classifieds.  For example:  "Plumber wanted desperately.  Must have five years experience."  It’s the same Catch-22:  you need experience to get the job – but need the job to get the experience.  Well, I have a little experience now.  Maybe I can move on up.

I have an idea for my next blog entry but I’m afraid it will come across as whining.  So I’ll have to see….


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