Daily Update #6



Okay, I got nothing.  Been a slow week.  I did a little bit:

– Two pieces were declined this week.  One was a Pyrrhic victory, in that the editor praised my strong writing and asked to see more from me – but what’s another name for a regretful note with lots of positives?  Rejection.  I haven’t been sending out a lot, since work is in a flux state and I am trying to buy a house right now, so I think I now have just four pieces out for consideration.  Maybe I’ll get lucky.

– I did start work on four new tales this week.  Yeah, I know I should concentrate on one at a time.  Meh.  Inspiration comes from the oddest places; one of the stories is a reconstruction of a piece I lost when my hard drive crashed but the other three all came to me in a random moment of "what if?"

– Have I mentioned that I hate people?  The house I’m trying to buy is out in the middle of the countryside on 20 acres.  No neighbors nearby.  I bow to Rat as my inspiration (right here); he has the right idea.  Well-written comic strip.

– I gotta say, I am really digging my slush pile gig.  It’s a lot of fun and I am getting to read a lot of fiction.  Some is good, some … not so much.  Nice to see what the competition looks lie.

– And on a non-writing note, I gotta say Sandra Bullock is a class act.  Despite the chaos of her personal life, she still had the class to show up at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards to accept an award for Troops’ Choice.  She offered some kind words to our soldiers, sailors, and airmen.  As a veteran, I appreciate that.

‘Til next time.


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