Daily Update #5

Ugh.  Busy week.  But a few updates here:

– I completed a draft story today that I have tentatively titled, "Scintillation."  It’s not finished by any means and though I think the thrust is excellent, getting the execution right is going to take some more work.  Thus far, word count is about 3500, but I have a feeling it is going to balloon.

– I got a couple critiques in to Critters.  Gotta keep that percentage up!

– My first slush project came in email the other day.  I got through the first 20K words today.  It’s … weird; thus far, I’m not quite sure where it’s going.  But I’ll stick with it, for a while longer anyway.  Our guidelines don’t require us to read the whole manuscript, if it is badly written.  This one isn’t badly written but it is awfully disjointed.

– I checked on a couple of my submissions.  I realized I have several that have been out for more than four months.  I previously had one submission that was out for fourteen months.  That’s …. pretty piss poor, if you want my opinion.  For novel length submissions, I fully understand a long turn.  But seriously, for short stories – especially if you throw up a 5K word limit or something similarly thin – having a story for that long is inexcusably rude.  I also understand that events occur outside our control but a little research shows that certain publications do this routinely.  Reading a 5K story for the first cut should take no more than 1/2 hour.  If an editor is sorting through 200 submissions a month, they should hire five volunteers as slush readers and give instructions as to what they want.  A good slush pile can cut an editor’s primary load by 80%.  There’s no reason for a fourteen month turn time on a short story.  But I will try to be patient with my current submissions.

Meh.  Okay, enough from me.


One thought on “Daily Update #5

  1. Submissions

    As far as submissions that are out for four months . . . Don’t be afraid to query, man. I will let a story be out for 95 days of the estimated response time is 90 days, and then I query. I usually get a reply within two days when I do that.

    Plus, I check Duotrope before I submit anything. You can see what publisher is slothful and unresponsive. Just stay away from them. They’re usually not very good markets, anyways.

    Looking forward to Scintillation. 😀


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