Daily Update #4

Once again, here we are.  Again.  Blarg.

– I tinkered with the website and added some links.  The first two are writing workshops to which I belong for feedback … so if my work sucks, go there and blame them.  The other three are writers I know a little bit.  All three are very sweet people and are far more accomplished writers than I am.  So go to their site and read some stuff.  I’ll add more links as they come to me.

– I got shot down by ASIM again, a day after I said flattering things about them.  That’s par for the course.  Didn’t even make it through the first round of slush this time.  What was the feedback?  "Could be trimmed down some."  Oy.

– I managed to sell an old car this afternoon.  My wife said I priced it too cheaply and she was right; it lasted out on display for a whole five hours before someone took it, and I had a number of other interested parties.  What does this have to do with writing?  Absolutely nothing, other than it gave me an idea for a story (no, it doesn’t involve any revenge against the wife).

Maybe I’ll get some more writing done tonight.  I have three stories to get submitted, so I’ll accomplish something constructive – something constructive that doesn’t involve bashing monsters online, that is.


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