Website Plug – Moon Drenched Fables

So, at some juncture while planning this fool blog, I asked myself, "Why do this if I can’t occasionally point readers towards the website of a friend?"  Point taken.

First stop is on one called Moon Drenched Fables.  It’s an e-zine run by two cousins who both write romantic fantasy, Sarah Ashwood and Dara England.  It’s a quarterly publication that prints fantasy poetry , flash, and short stories.  They’ve been in business for … hmm, seems like five or six issues issues now.  Maybe more.  Their typical format is 4-6 of each style of fiction and an author interview.  Their publication is for exposure only but they do offer a "Best Of" each issue, voted on by the readers, that is eligible for a $10 prize.  They were gracious enough to take one of my stories about a year ago.

Anyway, the ladies are two of the nicest folks I’ve met online and they both are very hard-working, published authors.  So drop by, read some poetry & prose, and say hello.


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