Daily Update #2

I just returned from a tumultuous three-week spin that took me to opposite corners of the country for both a vacation and the death of a loved one.  It was an emotional and physical wringer, consisting of multiple housing stops, last-minute airline ticket changes, fatigue, quarreling with the spouse, etc. etc.

But life goes on.  And where life goes, so goes the writer.  And I am back, and in business.  So, what’s new?

– I received another rejection on my story "Legends of Connacht," about a pair of lovers who get caught between a dark God and a scheming warlock.  I think that makes eleven rejections on that tale.  I really, really like it but cannot seem to find a venue that agrees.  I am almost out of paying options for which this story is a good fit, so it may be going the "For Exposure" route.

– I researched another peer review site this morning and may be signing up.  My former favorite site – the one that kept me going more than anything (other than my wife, who is tireless in both encouraging and cracking the whip) has lost its mission and is putting style over substance.  And the person with whom I had the best relationship just stepped down as a moderator, in part for the same reason.  I’m not one to make a big exit speech, so I will just fade quietly into the night.  But bright skies are ahead.

This week, I’ll have a long, well-constructed post on something philosophical and writer-y, I promise.


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