Have some cheese with your whine?

So…. I admit it:  I am annoyed. 

I think, in general, writers get annoyed easily.  There are the countless hours involved, carefully placing every word, to try and make something that has to sing to a reader.  Visual art speaks for itself; we are, after all, visual creatures, so art can be seen and appreciated.  A careful eye can take in the subtleties and nuances.  Writing, on the other hand, has to encourage those same nuances in the reader’s brain.  We can’t just put it on paper and expect people to get it.  And that is frustrating – on the order of feeding a thousand dollars into a vending machine a penny at a time.  So annoyance comes, unannounced, hat in hand, to feed on our dreams.

I’m not the world’s most sociable person.  Given the choice, I would rather take a walk through the woods or stay at home than sit in a room with three people drinking coffee and chatting.  And that’s with people I like.

I recently experienced some upheaval on a writing site I frequent.  The upheaval did not target me directly, but I still found it personally annoying.  The whole point of the site is for people to help each other with their writing.  Stories are posted for peer-review and people discuss plotlines, characters, and other elements.  So far so good.

There is also some socializing and – as one would expect – cliques form.  Well, cliques have a nature of clashing with each other.  And these finally did.  The focal points of each group were the ones most affected but a little research behind the scenes confirmed everything I thought:  there are some long-simmering feelings of dislike out there between the two factions.  I am not part of any clique on the site (I hate people too much, remember) but I prefer one of the point men to the other, by a long way.  I don’t think any party involved handled themselves very well and damage was done to the site’s mission, which is bettering the writing of all participants.  Is it lasting damage?  We’ll see.  So why am I annoyed?

Because this bothered me enough to write a post about it, that’s why.

Next time, people, if someone bothers you, walk the **** away.  Spending energy on hate – over something as inconsequential as whether or not some person liked your story – is childish and petty.  You won’t catch me doing it, because hate is an active emotion, that requires nurture.

And I don’t like most people enough to spend that kind of energy on them.

All right, ’nuff said.  I am going back to my shack in the woods….


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