Woodhollow – home of the meanest faeries you will ever meet


One of my ongoing projects involves the underground town of Woodhollow, a community of mythical races.  Clusters of elves, dwarves, faeries, dryads, goblins, etc., all live and work in the underground city.  Other communities exist in the Outland (i.e., our land) but the center of their culture is the town of Woodhollow.  They all live, work, and war together.

My main characters are the faeries Sydney and Marla.  Sydney is the second in command of the Faerie Clan, one of the various gangs that vie for control of the seedy side of Woodhollow.  Marla is her older sister and the head of the Clan.  Sydney – while sarcastic and pragmatic, is attached to her clan.  Marla is hot-tempered and a fierce fighter but generally puts the interests of the Clan ahead of her own.  Generally.

Along the way, they compete with other Clans, have various conflicts with the government of Woodhollow (headed by the mysterious Lord Squam and his ogre and drake enforcers), and generally get into lots of mischief.  Right now I have two different tales written:

– Rumble in Woodhollow – The faeries throw down once and for all with the Chaun Clan.
– The Mauler – Someone frames Sydney and Marla for conspiring against Squam and they won’t take it lying down.

I have a few other stories sketched out.  There is plenty of gallows humor in the writing but it certainly isn’t light fantasy.  This is one I would love to tease out into a graphic novel format someday.

Any takers?


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