What have you done for me lately?

So ….

When I tell people I write spec-fiction, I usually get an uninterested head nod.  That’s okay, since it doesn’t interest everyone.  Sometimes they berate me and/or tell me I should grow up.  That’s fine too, since that prevents me from having to further speak to that person.  But every once in a while, people do ask questions.  Inevitably, they ask, "So have you ever sold anything?"

And I am proud to say, "Yes!"  Of course, those people then go read those things before coming back to me and shaking their head.

So, in the interests of catching up the official record, here is what I have sold and where you can find it.:

– My story "The Drunken Thinbeard" appeared on the e-zine ("electronic magazine") Afterburn SF and may be found here.
– One of my better tales, "Regrets of a Conquistador" was printed on the e-zine
Big Pulp and can be seen here.
– Lastly, my story "The Apple" was printed by
Moon Drenched Fables
.  It has since come off their site.

From this list, you can certainly see I have not made enough to provide myself an honest living – or even a dishonest living.  But a buck is a buck.  And a chicken is a cluck.  And a  ….  Sorry – kinda wandered off the reservation there.

I have five or six stories out for consideration now, so hopefully, the list above will have some company soon.


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