A blog – the Hollywood story.

So … before I go too far, I guess I should talk about my qualifications to do such a blog.  What makes me an authority to talk about writing?

Well … nothing, really.  In that sense, I’m not much different than any other schlub out there.  Some folks can give you their insight as to what works in writing.  Others in the industry can tell you what they think can help get you sold.  But the truth is, there aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules in writing – especially if you are like me and write for entertainment.  Getting stories sold is kinda like keeping score but if I make $1 or $1M at this, I’ll keep doing it.

I have a fairly good education, years of practical communication experience (my main job involves lots of public speaking and composition) , and I have a decent vocabulary.  Oddly enough, I derived my vocab largely from reading comic books as a kid, which is something I still read.

Sidebar:  I think a lot of comic writers were frustrated book authors, who put their writing skills to use in a visual medium.  Comics have an incredible amount of story diversity and are great for learning dialogue structure.  Those who dismiss comics as either the Bugs Bunny/Mickey Mouse funny books or action-laden superhero books for adolescents are missing the boat.  There is a wealth of great stories being told in the comics, and not much of it is aimed at children.  

Anyway ….

I am a writer.  I have about sixty stories of various lengths (between 500 and 25K words) completed.  I think a few are great reads.  A couple are atrocious.  My one hope is that my skills are getting sharper, my witticisms funnier,. my emotions more palpable, my plots more intriguing, and my characters more endearing.

And if they aren’t … well, @$^&#^.  I’m going to keep writing anyway.  ‘Cause it’s fun.

And because I don’t want a real job after retirement.


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