Well, it has come down to this

So …. I understand a good writer needs a blog.  Maybe even a crappy writer.  Certainly, if I want to be part of the digital age, I need to play the part.

So here we are.  I kicked around the idea of doing an all-encompassing blog about my many passions:  college football, bad movies, my truck, my wife and her awesome stained glass talent, etc.  But after a little musing, I decided I need to stay on target.  This is about writing – mine and others.

I’ve been writing speculative fiction (broadly defined as fantasy, horror and sci-fi) for about four years now.  It’s something I enjoy and there’s a little glimmer deep down that just maybe this is something I can do for a living.  I have a few sales but it’s certainly not a wage-level basis yet.  But persistence is the key.  Persistence, or stupidity.

This is my first attempt at a blog.  I have no idea how long I will last.  I don’t know if I will stick with LiveJournal, and I am certainly not excited about my current journal style (best of bad options – I do like the eyeballs in the jar).  In the meantime, here’s my pledge to you:  I’ll try to keep this pertinent and entertaining and you continue to feign attention.  As a friend of mine often says, "Your mileage may vary."  Still interested?  Good.

So hang on – let’s enjoy the ride.


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